20% of the fees acquired will be used to buy back PiB and burn to avoid inflation and maintain the optimum value for PiB tokens at all times.

Reward for farming

PiBridge will open liquidity pools for tokens in the ecosystem, and liquidity providers will enjoy bonuses paid in PiB, WPI and other tokens.


PiB holders can vote for decisions of the platform such as change of fee structure, feature development, roadmap, rewards, etc.


Users staking PiB tokens will be given discounts for bridging transaction fees, lending, good purchasing, event organizing, etc. Payments for transactions made in PiB will also guarantee better prices.

Priority in fundraising participation

Users must lock a given amount of PiB to fight for the opportunity to participate in the project launchpad.

Marketplace currency

While other payment methods may be accepted, payments in PiB will guarantee the best prices for users.

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